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International Developmental Language Disorder Day

Friday, October 20 next is International Developmental Language Disorder Day – a public awareness campaign, designed to shine a spotlight on what is known as the most common unknown childhood disorder – Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

DLD affects the ability to learn, understand and use language despite otherwise typical development. It is 7 times more common than Autism and has implications for friendships, learning and social-emotional wellbeing.

People with DLD are 6 times more likely than others to experience clinical levels of anxiety and 3 times more likely to have clinical depression.

DLD  is under-researched, under-funded and under-resourced as it is an under-recognised disorder.

Children with DLD can succeed with the right supports!

You can find out more via the video below:


You can access more helpful facts and figures via this useful fact sheet.

The following websites will also prove very helpful to anyone interested in finding out more about DLD:

Learn about local disability support services via this LINK..
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