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Postvention guidance recommendations to be launched online

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Postvention guidance recommendations to be launched online

By 19th July 2023No Comments

The first evidence-based co-produced postvention guidance for NHS staff following a colleague death by suicide will be launched online on Tuesday, July 25 next.

This study will be of benefit to a wide range of people including anyone with an interest in colleague suicide, postvention guidance and delivery and workforce wellbeing.

It was developed and written by researchers from the University of Surrey, University of Birmingham and Keele University, in collaboration with study participants and NHS stakeholders.

The suicide rate amongst UK health professionals is 24% higher than the national average, largely explained by the increased risk of suicide of female nurses, male paramedics and female doctors. Suicide among female nurses is four times higher than the national average. Those affected by suicide are at greater risk of mental ill health and suicidality.

This guidance document by applying the findings of an Integrative Review and a qualitative study with 51 participants. It was developed in conjunction with multiple stakeholders at a workshop held in May 2023.

In this launch event, the research team will introduce the guidance, discuss how it can be implemented to help support NHS workers and show a short film made about the findings.

You can join the proceedings online. To find out more click HERE.

For information on local mental health supports and services please click HERE.


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