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Women's Mental Health Conversation Café in Galway this week

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Women’s Mental Health Conversation Café in Galway this week

By 18th October 2022No Comments

A Women’s Mental Health Conversation Café will be held from 2pm to 4pm this Thursday, October 20 in the Hardiman Hotel, Eyre Square, Galway.

It is being organised by HSE Mental Health Engagement & Recovery and Mental Health Reform and they are inviting women with experience of inpatient mental health services to join them for a conversation about their experiences.

The environment will be relaxed, informal, and supportive.

A Recovery Conversation Café takes a strengths-based approach, the focus will be on appreciative inquiry; what’s working well, and what would make it better.

The questions to be explored in small groups include:

1. As a woman, what is your experience of finding support for your mental health?

2. What is your experience of mental health services? What would make it a better experience?

3. How could women be best supported by mental health services? What would change look like? How could your voice be included?

Participants will be invited to add their voices further by: writing a post-it message; participating in a video interview; filling out a survey.

All of these are voluntary activities and are anonymous. No personal information – including names and addresses – will be collected.

This is the first of a number of events nationally.

This project is funded by the Women’s Health Fund and intends to engage with 150 women approximately. Its aim is to gather the opinions and experiences of women engaging with Ireland’s Mental Health Services.

Samaritans Listeners will be present at the event to offer support as needed.

Tea/coffee and refreshments will be provided.

Registration is free of charge. Click this link to record your interest.

For information on local mental health supports please click HERE.
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