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Shame can be a silencer for those with mental health challenges

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Shame can be a silencer for those with mental health challenges

By 22nd September 2022No Comments

Shame tends to stay buried deep within people with #mentalhealth difficulties and can negatively impact every conversation, relationship and experience a person has.

See Change Ambassador, Lucie Kavanagh, shared her experiences of shame as part of this year’s Green Ribbon campaign. She describes it as “a silencer” (see accompanying visual).

The Green Ribbon campaign is coordinated by See Change which is Ireland’s National Mental Health Stigma Reduction Partnership and is dedicated to opening minds about mental health problems and end stigma and discrimination.

See Change’s vision is that every person in Ireland can be open and positive about mental health, understanding it as a normal part of the ups and downs of life.

The Green Ribbon theme for 2022 is shame.

From September 19-23 the Green Ribbon Campaign will explore the theme of the behaviour of shame, looking at some of the behaviours of shame and highlighting its different categories (the mind, body, culture and values), as well as the defence strategies of shame.

A wealth of information about local mental health supports and resources is available HERE.
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