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Self-love drawing class hosted by Amach! LGBT+ Galway

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Self-love drawing class hosted by Amach! LGBT+ Galway

By 28th February 2022March 1st, 2022No Comments

AMACH!LGBT Galway is thrilled to announce its latest online class as part of the Queer & Crafty initiative.

A Self-Love Drawing Class will be hosted at 7pm tonight, Monday, February 28 by the one and only Caoimhe Walsh of Fat Lemon Prints!

All are welcome, no matter your gender or sexual identity, body shape or size, ability or disability or ‘art skills’.

In her own words, Caoimhe is a queer artist living and working in Tramore, Co. Waterford with her little family.

Her work focuses on representation of fat bodies and the beauty they hold and she loves colour, the sea, nature and promoting the beauty that bodies hold.

This class focuses on having a kinder view of yourself and others and on how others perceive you in the world. It’s all about creating a safe space to create and talk and maybe find a new way to create some space for self care.

The focus in the class is not on drawing skill but the enjoyment of creating and drawing or painting.

Caoimhe believes self care is incredibly important and art is an amazing way of exploring self care in a different way. While the class is focused on drawing yourself there is no pressure of any sort to do exactly that.

A self portrait can be colours that represent you or an item that is you at your core or whatever you want. The main focus is on kindness to ourselves and to others and creativity and a little self love.

You can do the class with any arty materials at all that you have to hand – whether it be paint and pencils or even just a pen and some paper.

This is sure to be a beautiful experience. You can sign up by sending Grace an email at

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