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Mental health infographic for 6th class students

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Mental health infographic for 6th class students

By 8th December 2021No Comments

The Youth Advisory Panel from Jigsaw Roscommon is a dedicated group of voluntary young adults (16–25-year-olds) committed to advocating and raising awareness for youth mental health in County Roscommon and across Ireland.

Cognisant of how difficult it could be for a young person transitioning through the stages of young adulthood, they created this infographic to help 6th class students as they navigate what might be a difficult time in their life.

This infographic explains what mental health is and how young people can mind their mental health during what might be a stressful time in their life based on personal experiences.

It incorporates Jigsaw’s 5-a-Day mental health toolkit and the concept of One Good Adult to guide young people on how to take care of themselves now and in the future.

The infographic also highlights the services that Jigsaw provides, such as information, practical advice, webinars, and online courses for young people and parents.

Jigsaw offers in person, one-to-one counselling support as well as live group chats and “Ask Jigsaw” services.

The support is free and confidential for 12- to 25-year-olds.

To find out more information on your local Jigsaw service and referrals please visit or contact 0906643010.

For information on other local supports for children and young adults click HERE.
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