Webinar: Championing LGBT older people

Webinar: Championing LGBT older people

On Thursday, October 14 next a webinar entitled: “Championing LGBT Older People: An Invisible Population” will be hosted by Dún Laoghaire Rathown Co Council as part of Social Inclusion Awareness Week.

The event is open to all, but is particularly focused on health and social care professionals.

The webinar will provide a taster of the LGBT Champions Programme, with a first hand contribution from an older member of the LGBT Community.

Irish research on older LGBT people shows that 40% are not out to their healthcare providers due to fear of discrimination or lack of understanding and acceptance. International research follows a similar trend.

Isolation and loneliness are higher among older LGBT people as many do not have a family support network similar to married heterosexual older people with children and extended family.

Since 2018 LGBT Ireland has run the LGBT Champions Programme. A programme that develops the awareness, confidence, competence and commitment of the health and social care professionals working in older age services, so they can transform the care experience of older LGBT+ people to one of inclusion, respect, and dignity.

This interactive webinar is designed to explore the experiences of older LGBT people engaging in health and social care services, as well as outlining some simple and practical strategies for becoming more inclusive.

A directory of local services and supports available for sexuality-related issues is available HERE.