New mental health infographic helps 6th class students

New mental health infographic helps 6th class students

By Michaela Deane Huggins & Heather McGrane – On behalf of Jigsaw Roscommon’s Youth Advisory Panel.

The Youth Advisory Panel from Jigsaw Roscommon has created an infographic aimed at helping 6th class students to transition through what might be a difficult time in their life.

The panel is comprised of a dedicated group of voluntary young adults (16–25-year-olds) who are committed to advocating and raising awareness for youth mental health in County Roscommon and across Ireland.

Its members understand how difficult it could be for a young person transitioning through the stages of young adulthood and so created the infographic to explain what mental health is and how young people can mind their mental health during what might be a stressful time in their life.

All the members shared their own thoughts and the experiences they had when in 6th class and this was shared in the infographic’s “advice for starting secondary school” section.

The reasoning behind this was that it would resonate with the young people to know that their feelings are real and valid, and others have felt the same way.

The infographic also features a section on how to mind your mental health, with Jigsaw’s 5-a-day Toolkit.

The 5-A-Day is a way to mind your mental health daily. It advocates the following actions: Be Active, Connect, Take Notice, Get Involved and Give.

“We are always told to mind our mental health, but we aren’t always given tools or methods on how to look after our own mental health. We hope that these examples help young people to take care of themselves and that they can also use them in the future if needed,” the panel members explained.

Their infographic also introduces the idea of a “one good adult”. This could be a parent/guardian, a family member, a teacher, or any adult that you trust. These are adults that you can go to if you are struggling with your mental health or if you just need some advice.

Jigsaw’s services are also outlined in the infographic. These include the provision of information, practical advice, webinars, and online courses for young people and parents. #

Jigsaw also offers in person, one-to-one counselling support as well as live group chats and “Ask Jigsaw” services.

The support is free and confidential for 12- to 25-year-olds.

To find out more information on your local Jigsaw service and referrals please visit or contact 0906643010.

For more information on local mental health supports click this link.