Inclusion theme for 2021 Green Ribbon campaign

Inclusion theme for 2021 Green Ribbon campaign

The 2021 Green Ribbon campaign was officially launched this week and will run for the month of September with the aim of ending mental health stigma in Ireland.

The nationwide annual campaign reflects the mission statement of the See Change organisations which is to create an Ireland where every person has an open and positive attitude to their own and others’ mental health.

The Green Ribbon campaign will seek to get as many people as possible talking about mental health this month – helping to end stigma and discrimination.

The public will also be encouraged to buy and wear a green ribbon over the coming weeks. The green ribbon is an international symbol for mental health awareness.

By wearing it you show you are committed to influencing positive change.

You don’t need to be an expert to start talking about mental health or have all the answers.

Sometimes the most helpful thing you can do is to let someone know you are there for them and simply listen.

Wearing the green ribbon lets people know you are open to having a conversation.

The theme of Green Ribbon 2021 is inclusion. In the coming weeks it will create a conversation around exclusion, where it shows up in society and what people can do to become more inclusive.

The focus for the coming week is to understand the topic of exclusion.

Further information on this year’s campaign is available HERE.

For more information on local mental health supports please click HERE.