Launch date set for LGBTI+ Health Equity Report

Launch date set for LGBTI+ Health Equity Report

A new ground breaking report will be launched next Wednesday, August 18 affording a detailed insight into health equity among the LGBTI community.

Entitled LGBTI+ Health Equity: A Global Report of 50 Fast-Track Cities (FTC), the report is based on a study conducted by International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) with 275 key informants from across the FTC network.

Some of the key findings of the report include the fact that LGBTI+ communities across the 50 FTCs received only a 3.2 “Quality of Life” rating on a 1 (“poor”) to 5 (“excellent”) scale.

IAPAC found that many health and socioeconomic challenges persisted even in places known to be LGBTI+ inclusive, but that there was a connection between positive LGBTI+ policies and LGBTI+ wellbeing.

The study confirms that HIV service providers and non-profits are the clear leaders in advancing LGBTI+ equity, while inclusive mental healthcare and gender affirming care were very hard to access globally.

Finally, the report has established that housing and employment are some of the top concerns for LGBTI+ wellbeing worldwide – even in wealthy cities – raising some major red flags.

It is hoped that this report can be used to effect real change across the FTC network.

Its launch will be broadcast live from Copenhagen on August 18 next at 16:45 CEST.

To attend virtually please register for the Human Rights Conference directly here; select that you wish to attend on Wednesday 18 August; and select the appropriate session, “Release Event,” for Break-out Session 4.

You can select “I don’t wish to attend” for the other sessions if you only want to participate in the report launch.

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