Help for family members affected by drug and alcohol misuse

Help for family members affected by drug and alcohol misuse

A new programme for  family members affected by drug and alcohol misuse will commence on Tuesday evening, July 6 next.

The Insight Programme is an evidence-based initiative that aims to provide family members with the facts around addiction and substances, how substances effect the body, the cycle of addiction and how families can support their loved ones in making changes in regards to their drug use

Throughout its six week duration it will also set out strategies to help family members talk about drug use, set boundaries, develop safety plans and work on self-care.

Participants will be assisted to explore managing challenging behaviours and keeping family members safe and functioning during difficult times as well.

Skills and knowledge will also be imparted as to how to  navigate the drug treatment system and obtain the best possible outcomes for loved ones.

Insight participants will  be assisted to explore some of the barriers to seeking help and how to overcome these and will be provided with information on other supports that they can avail of too.

The course will comprise of one hour online sessions every Tuesday evening from 7.30 to 8.30pm for six weeks with participants free to attend which ever class interests them.

The topics covered include: understanding addition; addiction and mental health; family dynamics; boundaries and safety; communicate with confidence and recovery for the family.

If you or someone you know would benefit from attending this course visit to register or call Orla on (087) 7389175 for further information.

Further information on addiction related supports available in the west of Ireland is available HERE.