Webinar: Exploring the link between trauma, mental health and addiction

Webinar: Exploring the link between trauma, mental health and addiction

The Mayo Drug and Alcohol Family Support Network Group (Tacú FRC and WRDATF) will host a webinar this Thursday, May 27 next.

Entitled “What Lies Beneath: Exploring the Trauma , Mental Health & Addiction Connection, this event will be address by three experts in this field of learning – Dr. Sharon Lambert, Carol Moore & Dr. Séan Foy.

Dr. Sharon Lambert is a Forensic Psychologist & Researcher and currently lectures in the School of Applied Psychology at UCC.

She has a wealth of experience in community-based settings and with marginalised groups and specialises in the impact of trauma on development, its link with substance dependence and mental health and consequent considerations for service design and delivery.

At the webinar she will discuss “The importance of Trauma Informed Care & Person-Centred Approach for Mental Health & Addiction based on Research Findings”.

Carol Moore is co-founder of Dual-Diagnosis Ireland which works towards making the right services available at the first time of asking to people with both mental health and addiction issues.

Carol has vast experience of leading positive change within organisations and has worked with Mental Health Reform, Mental Health Ireland, Open Health, Lifewise , CORU and Dual Diagnosis Ireland.

She has qualifications in social science, education, mediation and a MA in psychology and will be discussing dual diagnosis – “An Artificial Problem created by Health Care System Design made more Challenging by Stigma” for this Thursday’s event.

Dr. Séan Foy is a Clinical Psychologist and currently lectures in the Psychology programme at GMIT, manages the Learning Curve Institute training and has his own private practice.

Séan has over 25 years experience across a range of community based settings including clinical psychology, addiction, mental health and homelessness and has a wealth of experience delivering training, education and workshops on addiction and mental health.

He will be discussing “What Lies Beneath: Understanding the Person behind Mental Health and Addiction” at the upcoming webinar.

The event will also include a screening of a short video highlighting real life stories created by Mayo Drug & Alcohol Family Support Development Group and a raffle for books on trauma, mental health and addiction.

Participants will also be provided with a list of support services in Mayo

For further information please email Mags.dillon@wrdatf.ie or click HERE

Further information on substance misuse and addiction is available HERE.