Support booklet for teenagers living with cancer

Support booklet for teenagers living with cancer

A teenager who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at just 15 years of age has created a support booklet for other young people that may find themselves dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Having personally experienced the loneliness and worry of having an illness of this nature and the lack of related educational materials available, the young writer decided to channel what they had learned from their own experience to produce the support booklet:

The author remarked: “This book is based on my personal experience and insights of cancer and is designed to support teenagers and young adults who may be going through similar circumstances.”

The booklet provides insight for teens dealing with cancer into the initial feelings they may experience after diagnosis; the type of treatments they may undergo; daily life with cancer; how the illness may impact your body image; diet choices; exercise and relationship advice as well as tips for the future.

The booklet is available via the website of the Young People’s Mental Health organisation, Jigsaw. To read it click¬†HERE.

Further information on local supports for children and young people is available HERE.