Free online youth mental health resources for educators

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Free online youth mental health resources for educators

A new website has just been launched to provide teachers and other educators with free access to a range of resources about young people’s mental health.

The site – – has been compiled by clinicians who are specialist in mental health issues affecting young people.

They have spent the last few years collaborating on the development of resources to assist educators with their growing role of incorporating mental health and wellbeing sessions into the classroom.

The new website is part of their commitment to ensuring teachers and other educators have free access to those resources.

The available information has been collated by a team of clinicians, researchers and academics at the Department of Psychiatry, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences along with a number of collaborators across the education, Arts and online sectors.

The target age range for most of the resources is 13-21 years and some of the information is available in both English and Irish.

While the resources are primarily aimed at educators, they are free to use by anyone with an interest in exploring issues affecting young people’s mental health.

To visit the website click here.

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