Program supports family members affected by drug and alcohol abuse

Program supports family members affected by drug and alcohol abuse

The Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force, as part of Regional Drug & Alcohol Awareness week, is launching a new pilot program aimed at supporting family members affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

This is an evidence-based program which aims to

1)      Provide family members with facts around addiction and substances, how substances effect the body, the cycle of addiction and how families can support their loved ones in making changes in regards to their drug use

2)      Provide strategies to help family members take about drug use, set boundaries, develop safety plans and work on self-care. We will also explore managing challenging behaviours and keeping family members safe and functioning during difficult times.

3)      The program will provide family members with skills and knowledge to navigate the drug treatment system and obtain the best possible outcomes for loved ones. We will explore some of the barriers to seeking help and how to overcome these. All participants are given information about other supports that they can avail of.

This pilot program will involve an evaluation piece so participants can have an active voice in its content and delivery.

The program will run for 1 hour on Monday evenings starting 7th December at 7pm.

To find out more about this program, please register for a 30 minute presentation at 10am Wednesday 18th November by registering HERE

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