Programme for people who have attempted or contemplated suicide

Programme for people who have attempted or contemplated suicide

The HSE’s National Counselling Service (NCS), is currently recruiting for the Eden Programme.

Eden is an educational programme with a therapeutic element for people over the age of 18 years who have attempted or contemplated suicide.

The aim of the programme is to provide a safe space where participants can explore their experiences, learn skills to help them monitor and manage their mental health and build a range of supports appropriate to their needs with the ultimate aim of moving away from suicide as an option of choice in times of crisis.

This programme runs one morning a week for 26 weeks and the next programmes in Galway, Castlebar and Roscommon will begin in January 2021, with a maximum of 16 participants per location. Interviews for this programme will begin in November 2020.

Participants need to self-refer to the programme and can do so by downloading, completing and returning this application form by email to or by posting it to the NCS (58 Upper NewCastle Road, Galway).

Eligible Clients

  • Clients who have a history of suicidality – have attempted or contemplated suicide
  •  Service available to all adults over 18yrs of age
  • This is NOT an emergency service

Due to the recent pandemic, Eden Programme interviews will be conducted online and the programme will be facilitated online this year.

Service Provision

Participants will be offered a screening following  referral, which will lead to an interview  identify their needs and if additional supports are required, they will be put in place prior to the commencement of programme.


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