Drink Less and Gain More


Drink Less and Gain More

No matter how much you drink, find out how it affects your health and mental wellbeing at AskAboutAlcohol.ie, a new website from the HSE

The HSE recently launched a new website for the public on alcohol – about how much we’re drinking, how it affects us healthwise, and how we can gain more by drinking less.

Speaking at today’s launch, Dr Stephanie O’Keeffe, HSE National Director for Health & Wellbeing said, “This is the first HSE website that provides dedicated information about alcohol risk and offers support and guidance to anyone who wants to cut back on their drinking.

Comprehensive surveys show that harmful drinking patterns have become the norm for many people in Ireland, while awareness of the significant risk associated with these drinking patterns remains low. The HSE, in providing a wide range of health and related services, has insight into the impact of alcohol harm nationally. Whether it is through the well-known ED experience or right through inpatient and mental health services, our experts are well-placed to engage with the public to advise and support individuals in making clear and informed choices.”

Askaboutalcohol.ie has been created to provide authoritative information source on alcohol risk to enable everyone to manage their own health better. It is also designed to work in tandem with public health legislation and planned regulatory changes on alcohol labelling, availability and pricing.

Photo source: Ask About Alcohol

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